Absolute humidity:
The ratio of water vapor in a sample of air to the volume of the sample.
Absolute zero:
The temperature of - 273.16 or 0 K at which molecular motion vanishes.
The ratio of the total absorbed radiation to the total incident radiation.
Acceleration due to gravity:
The acceleration imparted to bodies by the attractive force of the earth or any other heavenly body.
The rate of change of velocity with respect to time.
Capable of transmitting light without decomposing it into its constituent colors.
Acoustic shielding:
A sound barrier that prevents the transmission of acoustic energy.
"The science of the production
Any change in which there is no gain or loss of heat.
Afocal lens:
"A lens of zero convergent power
"The fraction of the total light incident on a reflecting surface
Alpha particle:
The nucleus of a helium atom (two protons and two neutrons) emitted as radiation from a decaying heavy nucleus.
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