Alternating current:
The electric current that changes its direction periodically.
Solids which have neither definite form nor structure.
"S.I. Unit of electric current
The maximum absolute value attained by the disturbance of a wave or by any quantity that varies periodically.
Angle of contact:
"The angle between tangents to the liquid surface and the solid surface inside the liquid
Angle of incidence:
The angle between the incident ray and the normal.
Angle of reflection:
The angle between the reflected ray and the normal.
Angle of refraction:
The angle between the refracted ray and the normal.
Angle of repose:
The angle of inclination of a plane with the horizontal such that a body placed on the plane is at the verge of sliding.
"A unit of length
Angular momentum:
"Also called moment of momentum
Angular velocity:
The rate of change of angular displacement with time.
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