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Glossary Of Physics Terms
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Watt:S.I. unit for power; equivalent to joule/sec.
Wavelength:The distance between the two nearest points on a wave, which are in the same phase or the distance between two adjacent crests or two adjacent troughs.
Wave motion:The movement of a disturbance from one part of a medium to another involving the transfer of energy but not the transfer of matter.
Wave period:The time required for two successive crests or other successive parts of the wave to pass a given point.
Wave velocity:The distance traveled by a wave in one second.
Weight:The force with which a body is attracted towards the center of the earth. The weight of a body of mass m is given by mg, where g is the acceleration due to gravity.
Weightlessness:The state when the apparent weight of a body becomes zero.
Wien's displacement law:For a black body, the product of the wavelength corresponding to maximum radiance and its absolute temperature is constant.
Work:Work is done when force acting on a body displaces it. Work = Force x Displacement in the direction of the force.

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