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Glossary Of Physics Terms
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Tesla:The S.I. unit of magnetic flux density, defined as the magnetic flux density of a magnetic flux of 1 Wb through an area of 1m2.
Thermal Capacity:The quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of the whole body by 1 .
Thermal Equilibrium:When the two bodies in contact are at the same temperature and there is no flow of heat between them, these are said to be in thermal equilibrium.
Thermal Expansion:The increase in the size of an object on heating.
Total internal reflection:Condition where all light is reflected back from a boundary between materials; occurs when light travels from denser to rarer medium and angle of incidence is greater than the critical angle.
Transverse wave:A wave in which the particles of the medium oscillate in a direction perpendicular of the direction of propagation of wave.
Trough:The point of maximum negative displacement on a transverse wave.

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