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Glossary Of Physics Terms
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Ice-point:The melting point of ice under 1 atm pressure, it is equal to 0 or 32.
Ideal gas Equation:PV = nRT
Impulse:The product of force and time for which force acts, also equal to the change in momentum.
Inertia:The property of a body to resist a change in its state of rest or of uniform motion.
Infrasonic:Sound waves of frequency less than 20 Hz, below the range of human hearing.
Insulators:Materials like wood that are poor conductors of heat or electricity.
Interference:The redistribution of energy due to superposition of waves from coherent sources, resulting in alternate light and dark bands.
Internal energy:Sum of the kinetic energy and potential energy of all molecules of an object.
Isobaric process:In which pressure remains constant.
Isochoric process:In which volume remains constant.
Isothermal process:In which temperature remains constant.
Isotope:atoms of the same element with same atomic no (no of protons) but different mass no (no of neutrons).

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